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The third edition of the ByteMyCode conference by UBS is coming up! Join hundreds of developers at Strefa Kultury Studenckiej in Wroclaw on November 30th to hear about the topics that will shape technology in the near future.

We will welcome you with cups of hot UBS coffee and a big hug from our green ByTech monster who will introduce you to the main theme: The Modern Engineer.

Our speakers will cover the most important tech issues of 2019 and will introduce you to the leading IT trends coming in 2020. You can expect a lot of deep-dive talks on Machine Learning, AI, Data Science and JavaDevelopment, followed by networking activities and personal meetings with world-known IT experts!

The participation fee is symbolic and will be donated to The Hearty Foundation - the organization that supports children from Orphanages, kids with disabilities and students from smaller towns.


Join a group of geeky programmers and enthusiasts who are gathering in Wroclaw to meet the biggest stars of the IT world. Participation fee is symbolic and lets you contribute to a good cause!

All the money from ticket sales goes to the Hearty Foundation. Our event has limited numbers of seats so make sure to book one for you right now!


ByteMyCode Academy

ByteMyCode has premiered as a conference dedicated to engineers. Since the event grows fast and we have already built an active and devoted community around ByteMyCode and our ByTech monster, we decided to contribute even more to the IT space in Wroclaw. That is why we are launching ByteMyCode Academy - a project aimed at IT students who want to take their first steps towards their professional career. Workshops, lectures, and inspiring IT talks on the entry-level - that is what ByteMyCode Academy is all about! So students: join our very first workshop by ByteMyCode Academy!

Workshops organized in cooperation with Wrocław JUG:

Wrocław Java User Group (Wrocław JUG) is a group of Java enthusiasts, programmers, and architects. We deepen our knowledge, learn new technologies, frameworks, and methods for creating applications on the JVM platform. We also take care of other competences needed in professional life (e.g., software craftsmanship or related technologies). To this end, we regularly meet at presentations and workshops to exchange knowledge. There are already 2600 of us. Join us!


DL4J Workshops (DeepLearning4Java) - Marek Będkowski

Difficulty level: medium
Duration: 3-4h
Maximum number of participants: 15

Description: Starting the adventure with neural networks from scratch can be difficult because of the enormity of knowledge needed to understand their operation, but also because of their turbulent development in recent times, plus most of the material is available in Python. In terms of technology, the deeplearning4j framework comes handy, but the question remains: where to start?

During the workshop, we will go through the examples attached to the framework, analyze the blocks from which they are built and using 2 of them we will make a simple rest api for image processing.

Later, using the learning transfer and zoo model, we will build our own network based on darknet / yolo architecture. The last practical element will be to build the backbone of your own CNN network and translate mathematical notation into practical matrix operations.

Introduction to the Basin - Paweł Włodarski

Difficulty level: medium
Duration: 7h

Maximum number of participants: 20 Description: You do not have to know Kotlin, because we’ll start from scratch. What will be useful is the knowledge that there is some bytecode on JVM and basic knowledge of the button to start tests in Intellij.

Following the plan, we will start with OOP, which should be friendly to Java programmers, and then, through FP and other characteristic features of Kotlin we will reach Spring and Reaktor. However, we do not have to go as planned. I hope the workshops will be interactive.

How to tame tests - TDD workshops - the ability to write code and tests in Java at a basic level, knowledge of Mockito welcome;) - Ola Kunysz

Difficulty level: easy / medium.
Maximum number of participants: 10-12 (even)

Description: Writing unit tests is a key skill in working with code. During TDD workshops, you’ll get used to red tests and build some good habits, above all. Working in pairs and pair programming can be a challenge. All these skills are used in everyday work in the project.

Java in a declarative and functional style - Piotr Przybył

Difficulty level: medium
Duration: 3h

Description: Java is not a full-featured language. However, since version 1.0 (inspired by imperative languages in the C / C ++ style) it has come a long way in the declarative and functional style.

Workshops on how to create better code in Java 8+, moving from imperative style to declarative and functional style. (And why not mindlessly paste the old code from the Internet.)


Yoram Singer

Senior research scientist at Google

Krzysztof Kudryński

Senior Deep Learning Engineer w NVIDIA

Oleh Dokuka

Reactive Streams Advocate

Diego Hueltes

Machine Learning Engineer at Ravenpack

kpt. Dariusz Kulik

Pilot samolotów pasażerskich i instruktor szybowcowy

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Strefa Kultury Studenckiej
Hoene-Wrońskiego 10
50-376 Wrocław
Strefa Kultury Studenckiej
Hoene-Wrońskiego 10
50-376 Wrocław