Top notch speakers

Aleksandra Przegalińska

“Future of Human-Machine interaction”

Derek Ferguson

“Machine Learning with Java in 2020”

Edson Yanaga

“Revisiting Effective Java”

Kevlin Henney

“Lambda? You Keep Using that Letter”

Holly Cummins

“Cloud Chaos and Microservices Mayhem”

Andres Almiray

“Plug-in Architectures for Java with Layrry and the Java Module System”

Krzysztof Kudryński

Senior Deep Learning Engineer w NVIDIA

Oleh Dokuka

Reactive Streams Advocate

Diego Hueltes

Machine Learning Engineer at Ravenpack

kpt. Dariusz Kulik

Pilot samolotów pasażerskich i instruktor szybowcowy

Jarek Ratajski

Software Anarchitect, JVM Developer since 1999

Nicholas Frankel

Dev Advocate @Hazelcast

Milen Dyankov

Developer Advocate, Liferay

Mateusz Biliński

Head of Mobile Security at Niebezpiecznik

Marcus Biel

Founder & CTO at Clean Code Academy

Celine Boudier

Code for Life Team Lead at Ocado Technology

Michael Feathers

Founder & Director of R7K Research & Conveyance

Jakub Nabrdalik

Solution Architect and Developer at Bottega IT Minds

Jakub Pilimon

Principal Technologist at Pivotal

Michał Michaluk

Software Developer, Consultant, Trainer @ Bottega IT Minds

Pawel Balon

Expert in AI

Josh Long

Spring Developer Advocate at Pivotal

Kirk Pepperdine

Java performance-related services Consultant at Kodewerk

Łukasz Szydło

Agile-minded Software Journeyman at Bottega IT Solutions

Sebastian Malaca

Software Engineer at UBS

Michał Kordas

Software Quality Engineer at Luxoft for UBS Investment Bank

Robert Jones

Innovation Business Analyst at UBS